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Hamburger Helper Cheesy Lasagna/New Diet Coke Taste Test/📣Shout-Outs


All aboard the flava train! I had some help, with hamburger helper. Shout out to hellodaisyrain, and my faithful viewers! Love you all!! Thumbs up this video!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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  1. When I graduated High School, my parents let me have the summer off, but said I had to get a job at the end of it (they didn't allow me to work in High School). I could live under their roof for free, but if I didn't start college by the time I was 19, I had to start paying them rent. I ended up not going to college until I was around 23, but I ended up moving out with my boyfriend at the time when I was 21.

    31 now, college graduate, career goodness, and live by myself!

  2. I’m so glad you liked the crockpot!! You have been such a blessing to me and it makes my day even better when I get to watch a new video. Love you and hope you have a blessed day!! 😘

  3. Here’s another Netflix recommendation! Just watched in 2 days! “Doctor Foster” from Britain about a doctor on a mission for revenge from a cheating husband. CRAZY good, and a quick watch with only 5 episodes. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

  4. Lord have mercy, first I adore the hair!!!! Yassssss. Second now you AND my Amanda trying those diet cokes! Lord you’re making me want to try them…bizarre after taste and all. 😂😂😂

  5. Hey sweet lady! I'm so glad you tried the Diet Cokes! I forgot I had the other two flavors in the back of the fridge so when I saw your reaction to the mango, I had to go open mine! You're right… definitely liked that one the best! Thanks for reminding me of Hamburger Helper… haven't had it in YEARS… obviously I won't be eating it right now on keto but it's something so quick and easy I can make for Spencer (and he loves stuff like that)! Those gifts at the end were so sweet (one, literally)! 😃🍫 Love you! 😊💖

  6. I think I need to buy some hamburger helper. You made it look so good lol. Watch Black Mirror on Netflix. It's so good! I agree with the volume issues.

  7. Hey lady T. It was ME that sent you the reeses….Jennifer is just the lady i bought it from and had it shipped to you instead of myself. I HOPE YOU Enjoy…..Reeses are my favorite. What kinda sweets does ms peggie like?

  8. Feel better grylfriend. Im sorry,your hip making you uncomfortable huni🐝. I gym alot so streching my hips and making sure it stays strong.please get better and stay healthy.love you LADYT!!!😚❤

  9. I know your hair is pinned up, but that would look nice on you as a cut…love me some hamburger helper. Fargo is crazy as H*ll and I'm so sad that it ended.

  10. You right about that Netflix Hulu sound…girl!!! I said the same thing thinking why do I hear so much music and low talking…??

  11. i watch 2nappie and she told me about Southen Queen… hang on let me double check the title…no it is call "Queen of the South"… that was soooo good…

  12. i know you might not want to… but you need to get a walker… use it when your hip flares up… it will take soooooooooo much pressure off your hip while trying to walk…. that is the only time i use mine… if you do it once … you will grab it every time your hip flares up… like i said it helpsssssssssss ssoooooooooooooooo much….


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