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New Limited Eudora Skin Gameplay (New Skill Effects) Mobile Legends


New Limited Eudora Skin Gameplay (New Skill Effects) Mobile Legends. So here we have some gameplay of the new eudora vivo smart phone skin!

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Previous video (speaking indonesian bluepanda indo):

In This Video:
Mobile Legends new eudora skin gameplay
Mobile Legends vivo seflie goddes
Mobile Legends limited skin

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[ASMR] Chinese Skin Clinic Roleplay - Traditional Rice Facial

A culture filled ASMR role play where you visit a Chinese skin care clinic to get a unique rice facial. Enjoy soft spoken personal attention, ear to ear tingles with different types of rice, a tingly brown sugar exfoliation treatment, and skin care advice.

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  1. Lmao I’ve noticed that commenters on YouTube are sensitive and ESPECIALLY comments on ASMR vids the slightest criticism and they just snap lol

  2. I'm making the rounds of my favourite ASMRtists to stay relaxed at what is currently 4am thanks to falling down the stairs an hour ago. Trying to ignore my painful elbow, neck and foot and Tingting is really helping with that! Thank you!

  3. I went to esthetician school and several of the products we used in the line Dermologica, which is fairly high end, incorporated rice bran! It was used in our exfoliation products mostly but some cleansers as well. It is very gentle and suitable for pretty much all skin types including sensitive! Natural ingredients make the best products, IMO 😌🌾🌿🌻🌸🍯🥒!


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