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The Current Market Of Android And 3G Phones With The Top 10 3G Mobile Phones In India


Today, with the launch of internet phones, there is a rising competition between mobile phone companies to manufacture the best mobile phones in India. This competition among the companies has benefited the customers to a large extent. A series of benefits including best prices, best designs, features etc are being served to the customers today.

From past 2 years, there is an increasing demand for 3G phones. It brings with it convenient and flexible usage for its owners. This rise in the demand for 3G phones have compelled the companies that manufacture mobile phones to produce 3G activated phones so that they do not lose any opportunity which is prevailing in the market. In the financial year of 2011-12, economists and gadget gurus had predicted that during 2012-13, the market of 3G pones in India would rule. This has indeed turned out to be true. Having a look at the top 10 3G mobile phones in India would further clear how 3G phone manufacturing has increased in the current financial year. The market of 3g mobile phones in India is basically ruled by Micromax and Spice with at least 2-3 phones included in the list of top 10 3G mobile phones in India. Spice Mi-350n, Spice G-6550, Spice MI -280, Spice MI-350 and Micromax Q80 and Micromax A75 tops the list followed by Samsung Star Duos B7722, LG Optimus P698 Net Dual, Acer be Touch E21, and Motorola Milestone XT800. These phones also have the facility of dual SIM, thus enabling you to have two numbers on one phone itself.

Samsung with its android collection is another big name which has received great acknowledgement from the consumers. Samsung Galaxy phones have gained lots of popularity from past one year. Currently, Samsung Galaxy phones in India are coming out with series of smart android phones which serves the desires and needs of every person efficiently. Samsung Galaxy SIII is currently the most reputed mobile phone in India. Samsung Galaxy mobile phones also have android phones for people having within an affordable budget below Rs.10000. Samsung Galaxy Pocket, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Y are few mobile phones which would serve the need best.

Apart from this, there is a growing demand for the Sony Ericsson’s Xperia series as well. Sony Ericsson Xperia phones are also acknowledged on a wider scale by the consumer for the features provided by them. With camera quality ranging from 2 to 5 mega pixels, smart phone features and updated android software, Sony Ericsson is also bringing a tough competition in the mobile company market. Sony Ericsson Xperia phones in India are among the most elegant and stylish range of android phones from Sony.

Sony Ericsson Mobile phones in India have a range of smart phones like Xperia Micro, Xperia arc are expected to be demanded the most by consumers in the coming year. Today, with the launch of best android phones for every budget range, it is now possible for every person to have best smart phone in India.

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