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WTF Compilation || May 2017 || MonthlyFails


Hi all! Enjoy this crazy wtf moments compilation for the start of June 2017. Crazy road sighting videos, funny pranks and more! Stay tuned for new epic fails compilation coming up next. Cheers!
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Special thanks to all who submitted videos!

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  1. tips for watching a movie in your car:

    Jam your phone into one of the “holes” in the steering wheel, giving you 2 hands free to do anything if needed

    Turn the volume up loud you dont wanna be grabbing your phone constantly to change volume and you will be relying mostly on sound

    3 make sure you’re going straight and there’s no traffic and just keep an eye on the road, if there’s any turns you will have to rely on just the sound of the movie for that time while you turn

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